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What to Expect when you are Expecting your own Divine Bathroom Renovation

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get your very own Divine Bathroom Renovation?

The divine team have followed a Divine Bathroom renovation through from start to finish to show you exactly what to expect when you are expecting your own Divine Bathroom Renovation.

Pictured below we have a tired family bathroom in desperate need of some Divine attention…



Look familiar?

The first thing you have to do to make your divine bathroom renovation a reality is to call the divine team on

07 3351 2355

and schedule a free design consultation.

 In the space of your own home, your divine renovations bathroom designer will take the time to listen to your needs, ideas and budget for your renovation. We will discuss the space and layout options, referring to imagery for inspiration.

After you have completed and chosen your design with your Divine designer, and set a date for the renovation process to begin, the first thing that you can expect to happen is for your existing bathroom to be demolished.

 Demolition involves the removal of all fixtures and fittings within your current bathroom.

 The leading Divine tradesman come and do this for you over a couple of days depending on how big your renovation is, and take everything away. You can expect minimal mess, minimal fuss and minimal disruption to your daily life – except for being one bathroom down!


Once you are through the demolition stage, your divine bathroom can really start to take shape. Plumbing and electrical will need to be sorted out, and plastering completed.



Once this is done, waterproofing will happen. Waterproofing is placed in the wet areas of the bathroom – in this case the shower and the bath.

 Waterproofing will look something like the images below. It involves installing a waterproof barrier around the walls and floor in your bathroom to protect the structure of the house from the moisture.



Once the waterproofing is complete, the tiler can come and lay the tiles. On this occasion, the client would like to give a special thanks to the Divine tiler as he did a terrific job. He was very careful, and precise, and thought out the whole project discussing the tiling layout before rushing in and doing the job. The first stage of the tiling job is to glue the tiles onto the wall. This will look something like this:




Tiles are a great way to bring colour and style to a bathroom renovation and this is the stage where you will really start to see your bathroom start to look like a bathroom.   Planning the layout of your tiles beforehand is crucial and the help of the divine renovations team will really help you here. For this bathroom the tiling was planned carefully to help frame the niche locations like the shower niche you see in these pictures for shampoo bottles and soap.




Now that your shell is completed, its time for those products you chose to start being put into your new bathroom. You are well and truly on the home stretch at this stage in your renovation. Its now time for the Plasters, Painters, Cabinetmakers and electricians to work their divine magic!







At this stage everything is ready for your shower screen to be measured. This is done at the completion of everything else. It usually takes a couple of days for your shower screen to be delivered, but it is well worth the wait as the finishing touches are nothing short of Divine. A protective coating is sprayed onto your shower glass and away you are ready to use your brand new Divine Renovation Bathroom.




What a transformation!

About Divine Renovations:
Divine Renovations is a leader in the home renovation industry and specialises in quality kitchen, laundry, outdoor kitchen and bathroom renovations in Brisbane, based on the Brisbane Northside with a mobile service covering all of Brisbane. A local family business, run by lead Designer Jim Attwood, who has been operating in the Bathroom Industry and Kitchen Industry in Brisbane Northside for many years. Divine Bathroom Kitchen Laundry exists to 'make renovating easy’ for our busy customers.

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