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What to consider before getting the Divine Renovations touch in your Bathroom

The Divine Renovations team have put together a short list of some of the things to consider before getting the Divine Renovations touch in your bathroom to help make the decision that little bit easier.

1. The Bathrooms Dimensions – are you happy with your current bathroom layout? A different floor plan can really add size and improve your bathroom experience.

2. If you’re changing the layout – adding doorways, windows or skylights – allow for extra time, cost and tradespeople.

3. Assess the materials used in the existing bathroom (such as concrete, wood, tiles or plasterboard). All require different renovation solutions.

4. A big one: Check that all the bathroom renovation professionals you engage are industry qualified, licensed and insured.  With Divine Renovations, you can be assured all the tradesman and builders are fully qualified, licensed and insured which is a big plus when renovation your bathroom.

5. Select products that suite you, and your home – not necessarily what looks the most elegant in a glossy magazine.  Divine Renovations designers can help you choose the best products to facelift your bathroom.

6. Consider your current floor choice: Ceramic, marble and stone tiles are all excellent durable and water-resistant choices for a bathroom.

7. Lighting – is your current lighting working in your bathroom? A divine favourite – install dimmers, and heating.

8. Consider a shower area – it wont need a curtain or door and is less confining than a standard shower stall, plus it looks fantastic!

About Divine Renovations:
Divine Renovations is a leader in the home renovation industry and specialises in quality kitchen, laundry, outdoor kitchen and bathroom renovations in Brisbane, based on the Brisbane Northside with a mobile service covering all of Brisbane. A local family business, run by lead Designer Jim Attwood, who has been operating in the Bathroom Industry and Kitchen Industry in Brisbane Northside for many years. Divine Bathroom Kitchen Laundry exists to 'make renovating easy’ for our busy customers.
  • Ultimate Kitchens

    Great kitchen and bathroom design!!! like your post and information thank you for sharing this post.

    • Divine Renovations

      Thanks Ultimate Kitchens :-)

  • RM

    the bathroom designs are very beautiful and spacious, they are all lovely. Just getting in touch with my local bathroom re modeller ( ) to see if I can get one like the one at the top,Thanks for the post,

  • Joe Davies

    Lovely.. I particularly like number two with the large bath and rain shower. We love working on this kind of bathroom at TradesmanNow.

    • Divine Renovations

      Thanks for your comments Joe :-)

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